26 May

5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Sale

Selling your home can be stressful. You have to spend time finding an agency that suits your needs, arrange for photos to be taken of your property, have potential buyers come to and from your home on viewings at late and/or inappropriate times. Taking that into account, dealing with actually getting your property ready to be sold is probably quite low down your list – but like many things in life, good preparation can lead to better results. In this case, spending a few hundred and some time and effort can bring a quicker sale and a higher purchase price.

So without further ado:

  1. Give it a lick of paint – Now we’re not saying to go and change your entire colour scheme, giving it 3 coats throughout and choosing new feature walls for every room…well, unless your house is currently radically coloured, in which case changing it to a neutral white or magnolia could be refreshing. Giving your house a lick of paint gives a feeling of freshness, it looks crisper and, what’s more, it smells better. It’s a subtle difference, but it’s all about first impressions and a coat of fresh paint gives just that.
  1. Clean your carpets – If you’ve been in your property for a length of time, your carpets will be well used and will probably display some marks and stains from your history in the house. As cute as that may be, dirty carpets can be off-putting for buyers. So having a full professional carpet clean (usually around £20-30 per room) can really bring your carpets back to life, even if just for the selling process!
  1. Get glossy – Glossing your doors and woodwork can really give your house a huge lift. Over time, doors and skirting boards lose their sheen and start to turn that dreaded dreary yellow colour. Newly glossed doors add brightness to any hallway room reflecting light throughout the house. Again, a subtle change, but you’re looking for any reason to get ahead of other houses on the market, and giving your buyer the impression that there’s little to do in their property can be a huge selling tool.
  1. Green fingers – An out of control garden has two disadvantages. Firstly, it’s a daunting proposition for any buyer to deal with after they buy it and, secondly, in the mind of a buyer it could be hiding potential issues. Cutting back overgrown hedges and bushes, mowing the lawn, and de-weeding your patio, decking and paths can give a pleasant surprise to any potential buyer.
  1. Time for a spring clean – Having a clean property for your property photos and viewings is everything. When we’re talking about making a good first impression, clearing things away from floors and worktops can give a sense of space throughout your home. Ensuring bathrooms and kitchens are clean and shiny gives a greater sense of homeliness for your viewers.

If you’re able to do most of the above yourself, you’ll actually be surprised how little cash you spend preparing your house for sale! But if you’re strapped for time, getting the professionals in might cost more, but will give you a much better product for sale (and a better house to live in in the meantime)!

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