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Check-ins | Moving in on the 1st July?

By TLR Estates, 10th June 2019
As the 1st July ticks ever closer, it’s almost time to move into your new home! In this simple post, we’re just going to outline a couple of important things for you to remember about your check-in.

Booked your Check-In Appointment?

  • Our office is going to be Open by Appointment Only from Monday 1st June to Friday 5th June. While we won’t be in the office, we haven’t got the week off though! We’ll all be working hard, running around on check-out inspections and making sure the houses are ready for you!
  • So if you want to move in between the 1st to 5th July, you must BOOK A CHECK-IN APPOINTMENT and:
    • In CARDIFF, we’ll make sure that a member of staff is back in the office at that time;
    • In SWANSEA, we’ll ensure that a member of staff meets you at the property.
  • Please call us to get yourself booked into the diary before it fills up!


need to know information

  • You will not be allowed to move into your home earlier than 3pm on 1st July 2019.
  • You will receive your Welcome Email on the 1st July 2019 which will contain useful information and resources for you to refer to throughout your tenancy.
  • If you don’t have bills included in your rent, your Utilities responsibility begins from the 1st July 2019. (Gas, electric and water). Please ensure that you take gas and electric meter readings as close to this date as possible. When you open your account, please give them your meter readings and ensure that you state that your responsibility began from the 1st July 2019. Read more about this in our “Setting Up Your Utilities” blog.

*Please remember that moving in at the start of July means that we have less than 1 day after the previous tenants have vacated to you arriving. We’ll do everything that we can to ensure that your property is cleaned and ready for you to move in, but please bear in mind that sometimes issues outside of our control could prevent this from happening.


required payments and forms

Please remember that if your entire house is not completely up-to-date with your payments and forms, you will not be allow to collect your keys! Please make sure that everything is done before travelling to the office to avoid being turned away or facing a long wait.

  • Guarantor Form | Has everyone’s guarantor completed a form and sent in with their guarantor’s photographic ID?
  • Agency Fee | Has everyone paid their agency fees?
  • First Month’s Rent | Has everyone paid their first month’s rent?
  • Security Deposit | Has everyone paid their Security Deposit?
12 Month Check-In Payment Plan

All of the above need to have been completed by all tenants before the first tenant moves in. All keys will be given to the first tenant and you will then need to arrange among yourselves how best to distribute the keys between you.


Still have questions?

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If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us either by phone or email.

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