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Congratulations! You’ve either decided on a property that you’re going to rent through us, or you’ve just begun your process of finding your next home with The Living Room. Either way, we’re thrilled to have you here!

You’re ready to rent your property

Renting property can be tough business and time consuming. So we’ve designed this online tenancy form so that you can fill in your details ready for your contract without having to even set foot in our office! Pretty nifty, right?

Answer your details as best you can so that your contract can be as detailed as possible. Your contract is legal documentation that binds you to your property for the term of the contract, so making sure you provide all your details should be a high priority for you as well as us!

You’ve just started your search

This form can also be used if you’re just starting to search for a new property and don’t know where to start. Fill in the About You, Property Info and University (if you’re a student) sections and we’ll get to work making sure that you get to view the best properties that we have to offer that meet your requirements.

Perfect if you don’t have the time to sit and wade through our many properties!

Please enter your details below

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