02 Apr

The Living Room is moving… online!

We’re into the second quarter of 2019 and we thought it’s about time that we let you know what we’ve been getting up to behind the scenes and what we’re aiming to do in the future! We’ve got a lot of big exciting improvements to come and we’re really looking forward to the improvements that will benefit you, our clients, on a daily basis.


2019 – What we’re doing…


  • Moving towards a paperless office by taking all contract signings online. We aim to have this in place by the end of April 2019.


  • Continuing our efforts to go completely paperless, we aim to store all documentation about properties and tenancies fully online ahead of the 19/20 academic year.


  • Stepping up our social efforts and creating more and more relevant, useful content for our clients.


  • Continue to increase and improve our email content to all of our clients. Specifically introducing contractor, landlord and tenant quarterly newsletters to keep you all up to date with what’s happening at The Living Room.


  • Moving of all certificates to an automated online service to ensure that no safety certificate renewal dates are ever missed.


  • Maintenance is going to be run off our Tenant and Contractor Apps. Making it easier for tenants to report maintenance, and easier for contractors to book in jobs and provide proof of completion.


2018 – What we’ve done…


  • Big on our agenda for 2018 was to improve our processes for our Applicants. We wanted to make things easier and simpler for our prospective tenants. With a brand new website launched at the tail-end of 2017, we began introducing features such as our Online Application Form and Online Bookings. While we’re still looking to improve these services, they’ve proved a huge time-saver for us from our previous, archaic paper-based processes. We’re in talks to find a way to customise the Online Application Form so that we can simplify it further and make it look visually more appealing.


  • We’ve improved our statements processes by upgrading our statement design and automating processes to speed up our service to you. At the end of the day, the more time we save, the more time we have to dedicate to you and that can only be a good thing.


  • Our tenants have been given more information than ever before through the use of our tenant mailing lists (over 50 emails will have been sent during the 18/19 academic year). For example, our tenants receive¬†rent reminder emails, information on how to prepare their house for university holidays, check-out information and tips, and much more.
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