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Check-Ins | What do I do with my utilities?

By TLR Estates, 10th June 2019


If you’re not lucky enough to be on one of our bills inclusive packages – I mean, what’s easier than just having to make one, simple monthly rental payment? – then you’re going to need to sort out your utilities yourself. This includes services like gas, electric, water, council tax, telephone and internet. Read up below to make sure that you’ve done everything exactly the way you need to!



Gas and Electric

When do I take meter readings?

  • At the very least, you should take meter readings for both gas and electric when the first person moves in and when the last person moves out.
  • If you take monthly or termly meter readings and provide them to your gas and electric suppliers, your bills will be more accurate.

Where are my meters?

  • Gas meters are usually located in the Ground Floor Front room of the house, in an exterior Gas Meter Box on the front wall of the house, or in the Basement.
  • Electric meters are usually located in the Ground Floor Hallway, in the Porch above the Front Door, or in the Basement.

Who is my supplier?

  • To find out who your current electric supplier is, simply check on the Western Power website and click on the “Where is my supplier?” section.
  • To find out who your gas supplier is, use the Find My Supplier online search. If this fails, you can try phoning the Meter Number Helpline on 0870 608 1524.

Switching to a new supplier?

  • If you want to switch away, you need to contact your new chosen supplier asap and tell them that you want them to take over the supply.
  • If you switch after the date that you’ve become responsible for your utilities, you’ll need to pay for the energy/standing charges that you’ve used up until the date that you switch supply.
  • It’s always worth phoning the original supplier and giving them the date that you become responsible (1st July or 1st September) for your bills and a meter reading as close to that date as possible.

Who are Huddle Utilities?

  • Huddle Utilities are a split-bills solution. You pay a set price once a month for your gas, electric and water – and you can even include internet and a TV licence too!
  • You don’t pay any admin fees to Huddle when setting up your accounts.
  • You’re only responsible for your own payments. If you’re housemates forget or can’t pay, you will not be held liable for their bills.
  • If you’ve underused on energy over the course of your tenancy, you’ll get a rebate at the end of the year.
  • Take out a 10 month contract and have the option to pay termly. *

*While Huddle might be a little more expensive that a normal “Big Six” energy supplier’s fixed term tariffs, the Big Six suppliers only offer 12 month contracts. So while you might be paying less per month, you get tied into a 12 month contract. Huddle’s rates are more comparable to Standard tariffs, but the option of a 10 month contract saves you money while providing convenience.



Who are Welsh Water?

Water in Wales is always supplied by Welsh Water. As a tenant in Wales, you don’t need to do anything regarding setting up your water account. It’s the responsibility of the landlord and/or letting agent to ensure that tenant details have been given to Welsh Water. Once this has been done, you are then responsible to pay all bills sent to the property in your name(s).

However, if you take a Huddle Utilities package with water included, Huddle will inherit the responsibility to forward your names onto Welsh Water and will then ensure that your water bills are paid from your Huddle monthly payment (subject to fair usage).


Council Tax

Am I liable to pay Council Tax?

If you live in a 100% student property, you will not have to pay council tax. However, you aren’t automatically exempt – you first must inform the Council Tax department of your local council know.

When you contact them, make sure that you have…

  1. The start and end dates of your tenancy.
  2. All of your names, student numbers/IDs, which universities you attend, and what courses you’re studying.

The council can then do the relevant checks to confirm that you’re all active, current students and will exempt you from council tax. If you don’t do the above, then you may receive a large, nasty bill from the Council Tax department later on in the year.

Do you have 1 non-student living in your property or are you living in a flat by yourself? You will get a 25% discount on the council tax for the property.

Are 2 or more of you living in your property non-student? Your house is liable to full council tax. Please look on your local council’s website for more information.



Virgin Media?

We can also help you getting your internet set up quickly and efficiently through Virgin Media.

Virgin Media is the biggest student internet provider and really know what you guys are after. If you’re interested in Virgin Media, let us know and we can add you to our Virgin Media partners portal. However, if you ticked the box when you signed your contract, you’ll be added to this portal as standard.

You’ll get a call from Virgin Media who will contact you directly and they can make sure that your internet is set up for your move-in date.

If Virgin Media call you and you don’t like the sound of their deals, not to worry! They can even offer you packages from different internet providers on the same call. If you don’t like the sound of any of them either, just say so and they won’t contact you again!



Still have questions?

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